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Christmas Bae

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Christmas Bae

I put Mariah on,
This should be obvious,
But I hope
That you’ll pick up on the clues.
After all,
She says it so much better than I do.
All I want for Christmas
Is quality time with you;
Christmas shopping with my boo,
Trying to figure out how I’m going to spoil you;
Peppermint lattes and pumpkin spice,
Whipped cream kisses
Whenever we like,
Decorating the house,
Garland on the tree,
Lights everywhere,
But none as bright
As my eyes
When you’re in my sight.
Snowman making
Leading to snowball fights,
Leading to cold noses
Rubbing together
When we get back inside.
The Rum cake has us tipsy,
The liquor’s being poured,
Mistletoe over the door frame,
And we’re making sure that it works.
Messy living room
We’re together Wrapping gifts,
This time with you
Is my greatest wish
Spending Christmas Day
With my Christmas bae
Is crossed off of my list.

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