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What Christmas Is To Me

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What Christmas Is To Me

Hands down,
This is my favourite time
of the year,
Christmas cheer is contagious,
Like sneezes,
Nephews, nieces,
And family,
appear and disappear,
A non stop rotation
Of visitors at the door.
Jacob miller in the speakers,
And Jamaican Christmas carols;
Fruit cakes
Rum cakes,
Washed down with Sorrel.
Uncles and aunties
Limp as a log,
Too much Wray and nephew
in the egg nog.
Turkey, Ham,
Chicken, and goat;
Mom’s in the kitchen,
And she’s doing the most;
So much cooking,
And we all get full,
Just from looking.
We join hands and Give thanks
to the one above,
For all that we have
And For sending his son.
After dinner,
The dominoes come out,
Those who caught itis
Are passed out on the couch.
Video games on the tv
Drama and gossip
In the kitchen,
Embarrassing their children,
Gifts exchanged,
Lots of smiling faces,
Elastic wastes,
Ready for dessert,
Spiked coffee
And chamomile tea,
Snowflakes on the window,
It’s Cold enough to freeze,
And this is what
Christmas is to me.

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